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In today’s housing market, homeowners need to maintain their roofs. This protects the value of your home and protects you and your family from any leaks in your roof that may cause damage to personal belongings or even inside the house. There are many different types of roofing materials available now, including tile, slate, metal, and more. It is important to get a professional opinion before deciding because some materials require more maintenance than others so if you choose something that requires less maintenance then it would be better suited for you.

Langley Roofers specializes in all types of roofing installations and repairs including tile installation which can help protect against any water intrusion into your home as well as make sure there are no leaks. Call us at (604) 337-0578 to get free estimates.

What is a Tile Clay Roof?

A tile clay roof is a type of tile that has a specific shape and size. It also doesn’t have any seams in it, unlike other types of tile roofs that do. This tile is pre-formed into the correct dimensions so you don’t need to spend time cutting or shaping your own tiles for installation.

Tile comes in many different sizes but they are generally between 12″x12″ up to 18″x18″. They can be installed on any building with almost no restrictions as long as there isn’t anything above the area where the tile will go like an overhang or obstruction from another part of your home’s structure blocking the sunlight needed to power certain kinds of tile materials such as solar panels.

Advantages of Tile Clay Roof

There are several advantages of tile clay roofing including:


Tile is one of the most durable roofing materials available and tile roofs can last for up to 25 years with proper maintenance.


Tile clay roofing would be a very cost-effective option because you won’t have any leaks in your home. This saves you money on things like water damage, repairs, and replacing furniture or other household items that could be destroyed by water intrusion.


Tile is eco-friendly so it will help protect the environment while also maintaining its own appearance over time. Tile doesn’t need much maintenance aside from some occasional cleaning which helps minimize waste as well.

Appealing Look

Tile gives off an appealing look due to how long they’ve been used all around the world as a means of protection against the elements. It is a popular choice for many homeowners because tile materials are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs.

Langley Roofers provides quality tile roofing in Langley, BC! Call us at (604) 337-0578 for free estimates today!

Disadvantages of Tile Clay Roof

A few disadvantages of tile clay roofing is that tile tiles are not very fire resistant. They also have to be installed in a specific way because the tile material doesn’t come with any sort of adhesive or sealant on it so if you don’t get it right then there’s no going back and trying again.

Choose Langley Roofers for Tile Roof

Langley Roofers is a tile roofing company that provides quality tile roofing to the Langley, BC area. We have been in business for years and provide high-quality service for any kind of tile installation or repair needs you may have on your property such as tile clay roofs. Call us at (604) 337-0578 for free estimates today.

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