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The roofs of our homes are important for both function and aesthetics. At Langley Roofers, we attempt to teach Langley homeowners about both of these, with educational articles and our free quotes. Functionally, roofs are the first line of defense against the surface elements but are specifically crucial within the role of water-leak prevention. A properly installed roof will guard your house’s infrastructure against getting water damage and each one the water-related consequences that go in conjunction with water damage.

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Alongside that, the roof’s eaves troughs need to be problem-free so in an attempt to do their job of carrying water away from your house. Some common problems we face are cracking from the change in temperature we see here in Langley, alongside clogged gutters from all the tree-lined streets. 

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    More About Langley Roofers Experts

    Cleaning your gutters is often as easy as grabbing a ladder and scooping out the gunk alongside your hands, then later cleaning it thoroughly with a pressure washing. But as we’re not all spring chickens, or possibly have mobility issues, there are professional Langley eaves troughs companies that will do the hard work for you. Of course, you furthermore may have the selection of investing in gutter guards, which may hopefully prevent your eaves troughs from getting clogged within the primary place. The fascia and soffit are also equally important for providing a well-maintained roofing infrastructure. Aesthetically, your roof is just as important as functionally. 

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    For instance, if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll sell it a lot faster and for extra more cash if you have a high-quality roof on top. Potential homebuyers are often put off the home once they see damaged shingles and will wonder if that leads to bigger, unseen problems under your roof. But also, your neighbors and community can also be affected, as home buyers will often look at the houses in the area to see the quality of care taken of the homes. Nobody likes having a house with a damaged roof beside theirs, because it could drive the price of their house down. Tons of people inspect the neighboring houses when buying a home. 

    At Langley Roofers, we all know that your roof may be a major cost within the upkeep of your home. That’s why we want you to be as knowledgeable and educated on the subject when it’s time to exchange your roof. As your roofing resource, we’ll provide you with expert, non-biased information and a cheap free quote.

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    You’ll buy the best and most expensive shingles for your Langley home, but if you don’t have the best Langley roofing contractors to put in them, you would possibly also throw your money into a fireplace. Proper roof installation is significant to protecting your home from the weather. Your roof must be completely weatherproof and waterproof, also as durable and sturdy. Proper insulation may be a must for optimizing your energy efficiency. 


    Our Roofing Services


    Once you are trying to find Langley roofing contractors, confirm to urge references and appearance at the contractor’s experience with the sort of roof you would like. Other things to think about are how long the contractor has been in business, and its reputation. Remember, the foremost cheapest roofing quote isn’t necessarily the best one for you.

    With Langley Roofers, you do not need to worry about any of that, we guarantee that you simply will get a good and affordable roofing price, for the best work we can offer. This way, you do not need to keep searching for roofers near me, because Langley Roofers are going to be the Roofing Contractors you continue returning to. Call us today for a free quote!

    Just some of the services offered by the Roofing Contractors at Langley Roofers. We are sure that you will be pleased with our work, feel free to Call Today to find out if the services we offer are right for you.




    Roof Replacement

    If your current roof is worn down over time, being hit with storms, wind, and another sort of natural beat downs, then maybe it is time for a full roof replacement. A replacement requires a bit more work, it involves stripping off the old roof, disposing of the previous shingles, and applying your new roof materials. The most common material used of course is asphalt shingles, however, you have many options to choose from.

    Roof Repair

    Perhaps the time and weather have been a bit fairer to your home, or have targeted one spot on your roof, in particular, then maybe you don’t need an entirely new roof, and you’re looking for a bit more minor repairs. Then this is the option for you. In this case, we would target the specific area requested, clearing the area of the damaged shingles or other roofing material, and start applying patchwork, making sure to make the shingles line up properly so as not to cause an issue visually or have any leaks caused by misalignment. Call (604) 337-0578 for free quotes.

    Roof Installation

    And finally, we come to installation only, if you have already done the work of tearing down your original shingles, then we thank you, half the job is out of the way, and now the choice materials are up to you, and we can install your new roof professionally. We know that you’re wondering though, how much does a roof cost, or how much is a new roof? We get it, a lot of companies out there will try to make an extra buck off of unsuspecting homeowners, but not to worry, at Langley Roofers we make sure you’re getting a fair price for the best work possible.

    Basically, when looking at pricing out a roofing job or getting a Roof Estimate, there are three factors that come into play. The cost of materials is the first factor, and this depends heavily on your decision, whether you have decided to get roof shingles, or a Metal Roof, be it a Sheet Metal Roof or an Aluminum Roof.

    Once you have decided on what type of material you want your new roof to be, the next factor that comes into play is the cost of labor, this time the cost factor is on our end. This we can assure you, our costs are fair, and our workmanship is excellent, we will make sure that we can work with you to make your budget work with us. 

    And the last major Roof Cost Factor is the angle of the roof. This can make them work on the building easier or harder, depending on what sort of angles we are looking at. Because of this, the angle matters, and thus comes into the major factors of roof installation costs.

    There are other factors as well, just not as major of ones, these include the tearing off of old shingles, as well as the disposal of said shingles, and if the job has any sort of special requirements. Requirements such as having a pool of something right next to the roof that makes it so the roofers on the job have to be extra careful.

    However, even though all of these factors can affect costs, we still strive to keep our prices fair, so as to keep your business.

    We all know that tons of Langley roofing companies say almost an equivalent thing. But one of the biggest and most important differences with the larger corporate roofing companies, and Langley Roofers is that it’s a locally owned business.

    As a Langley Area small business, we still are in business thanks to our concrete reputation of satisfactory work. Our workers take pride in every job they have completed. To stay up with our solid reputation, we hold ourselves to the absolute best of standards. We consistently go the extra mile to make sure that every one of the factors that affect the longevity of your roof and thus the worth of your home is adequately met. Dial (604) 337-0578 for free quotes.

    We make certain to assess the subsequent factors:

    • Condensation
    • Air leakage
    • Ventilation
    • Insulation

    Benefits of hiring Langley Roofer as your Local Roofers:

    • Excellent workmanship and shingle (and materials) warranty
    • Professional and respectful workers
    • Abide by all laws and industry regulations
    • Transparent and easy to understand the contract

    As a locally-owned Langley roofing company, our workers are invested in ensuring your home gets the simplest quality workmanship. Why is that this important? Unlike other roofing companies that hire the foremost cost-effective labor because of larger overhead costs, you’ll know that each of our team members takes pride and initiative in guaranteeing the work is completed right. Since most roofers in Langley use equivalent suppliers and materials, this is often where Langley Roofers is in a position to differentiate and make a difference, since we’re not hiring casual labor that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Because we are so invested within the outcome of your roof, our employees take that far more care in everything they are doing. Contact (604) 337-0578 for free quotes.

    So you can stop checking out Roofers Near Me, because Langley Roofers has you covered from now on!

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    Langley Roofers provide roofing service in the Langley, British Columbia area. With many years of roofing experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer quality roofing services at affordable prices for both residential and commercial customers. Our roofers have undergone extensive training which includes hands-on fieldwork with some of the best roofers in Langley BC. We also serve surrounding areas including Langley, Walnut Grove, Murrayville, Cloverdale, and Campbell Heights. Give us a call today at (604) 337-0578.

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    Do you need roofing repair or replacement? Do you live in Langley and require a professional, experienced and reputable contractor? If so, then contact the professionals at Langley Roofers. Langley Roofers is a reputable roofing company with decades of experience. Our expertise extends to all types of roofs and we are capable of providing top-notch service to homeowners throughout Langley. We have an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship, customer care, and attention to detail. For many years, we have been providing homeowners with quality roofing services including the installation of new roofs as well as repairs to existing ones.

    Langley Roofers is a full-service roofing company. We provide professional service, quality materials, and fair prices to homeowners in Langley. Whether you need repairs or a new installation, we can help! Give us a call today for an estimate and quote on installing your next roof. Reach us at (604) 337-0578.